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How to Get Rid of Ghosts

The title should probably read: "How to help ghosts cross over
when and if possible". Ghosts are people like you and I that
have died physically. If you or I were lost, I would hope that
there was a kind and compassionate soul out there that would
lead me down the right path, to show me the way home. So as
much as we possibly can, I hope to offer a kind heart to those
lost soul's. And if they are willing they will cross over from their
limbo state and feel the utter joy and happiness that being in
a heaven (a higher dimension) provides.

That being said, I'd like to open with a quote that addresses this issue from Echo Bodine: "Best approach is to not act afraid and talk to them as you would any intruder in a home. We always talk to them out loud. The best thing to do for them is to tell them firmly to go to the white light. Some are disoriented and aren't sure what to do. You need to sound like you really mean it, rather than act scared, cause if you act scared, they turn it into a game. They are usually immature souls, and often get a kick out of scaring people. Usually if you put your foot down, sound firm, and tell them to move on to the light, they will go. If you waver, they will too."

She's right, in my opinion! I hear this approach from many experienced psychics, mediums and those experienced metaphysical world. You need to be firm and say it with conviction that you want them to leave, to go to the Other Side where they belong. Once you have done this and feel they really have left, be sure to NOT bring up their name or anything about them inside the dwelling of where the ghost was for at least three days to a week. They may think you miss them and return. Some ghosts are more stubborn or still have some lessons to learn in their limbo state and will remain. That's where other methods may need to be considered.

Whenever you feel powerless or out of control, you say whatever empowers you. Whatever makes you feel more in control and protected. Most may say the Lord's prayer. You can say some kind of chant that is strong and makes you feel strong. Surround the white light of protection around you as often as you remember.

I've recently met shamans that have a method of aiding ghosts to cross over by actually taking on the energy (or rather acting as a gateway) for the ghost to pass through them to cross over to the Other Side. Their method is they are coming from the heart in as non-judgmental a place as they can be in their own evolvement. This method is a bit more involved, but do know there are many options available for crossing over ghosts and you will know through your intuition what feels best or you can ask a professional. If you are local to New England you can contact the Shaman I spoke about at Spirit Light Network.

SageBurn Sage. Clearing your home on a regular basis (at least monthly) is good protocol, just as cleaning your house physically is. Awesome to note, is that Sage clears bacteria in the air and white sage helps cleanse the eyes and more. More about White sages medicinal effects can be found here. You want your home clean of icky stagnant energy, so as to not attract anything of that same vibration. Sage will get rid of all negativity in your house. Go room to room. It's the smoke from the sage that gets rid of the negativity. So if you feel the need to do it in more than just one spot in the room, like every corner, etc., then by all means do so! This may or may not get rid of your ghost problem, but this is a good method to get rid of negativity and a lot of the times negative entities. You should do this on a periodic basis. Once is never enough. Because of strong negative emotions from fights, etc., and if new negative ghosts arrive, this will aid in getting rid of those negativities. They say that White Sage is the best. But lately has been hard to come by. Either kind you find will work though.

Do NOT show any fear in front of the ghost/entity! They will feed off of this! Don't worry, you are in control. You have the power, they do not. It's a weak ghost/entity that will need to feed off your fear to gain more energy. So stay calm and no you are in control.

"How you can get rid of (negative) entities is to burn Sage and Cedar. Use the natural incense. You can purchase both of these incenses at your local new age bookstore. Try not to purchase the incense that is sold in grocery store. Only the natural ones. Sage "opens" the bridge to the spirit world and allows the spirit to enter. Cedar gives a swift kick in the "pants" if they don't want to go. If you do not find an incense that both of these are combined, you can burn 2 of the sticks at the same time. This is very important to burn them both at the same time.

You should also purchase a clear quartz crystal cluster (it should measure about 3-4 across) to put in your house. Leave it where it can receive the sunlight. This will illuminate your house in positive energy. This will help in the future with any "visitations" that you may have. It will only allow positive energies in your home. It will set up a "barrier" to those that are not positive. This will also close the door to others that you may have opened. I hope that this has helped... " ~ Crystal

More information on Smudging and Protection is found in my Protection article. As a last resort, you can call a Soul Rescuer or psychic. If you don't know of any, call your local New Age book store and they may have a few reputable names. Be sure that you do not get scammed though. If you can, go through a friend first. Someone that knows that this person is who they say they are and can help you. Even if they want money or not, that's a waste of time and energy and may make you feel even more discouraged than before. I know of a non-profit group that will come to your house for free and take any donations you are able to give for their gas and time. However, if you are unable they will still come! They are amazing and I've worked with them in the past. Their name and link: Spirit Light Network and will travel in the New England area. If you are looking for the Connecticut region ask for Joy Gaffney and she will let you know of locations and schedules. Feel free to email me anytime with any questions!



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